Friday, April 8, 2011

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pneumatic Play

We explore pneumatics using empty Syringes and tubing.

We tried to move books by pushing and pulling objects.

Have a look at us in action.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interclass Football

Thanks to Tess for taking great photos!

Well done 3L

Monday, June 14, 2010

Book Day!

We had so much fun! Have a look at our costumes!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Book Week

We have had amazing fun this week!
Drop everything and read for 5 mintues when you hear the whistle was excting!
Today we had a Mrs Krishnan read a story to us in Tamil.
We have made scrap book posters about our favourite books, at home (Please bring yours on Monday).

We've done a reading tresure hunt and there have been many whoooshes for the biggest readers!
Tomorrow it's a book character day. Each child will come to school dressed as there favourite book character. I have heard we have a Sherlock Holmes, a Phantom of the Opera, a Hermione Grangers, Alice and many more.
All the teachers will be sharing and reading their favourite books.There will be a time to show your costumes to year 3 and parents can take photos (1pm).
I have also heard the teachers will be performing in the afternoon!

Don't forget to where your costume to school. No PE tomorrow!

Monday, May 31, 2010


Interclass football tomorrow!
Parents! If you would like to come and support 3L please join us first thing in the morning to walk over to the pitches!
You need to bring a green T-shirt because our class colour is green. The same as interclass basketball.

Egyptian Day Photographs!

What did we do?
Everyone on Ancient Egyptian Day enjoyed very much. All the parents enjoyed the Parade very much. We did 3 activities. One was buy material to fix a shaduf and carry water across the playground. One was to make Egyptian book marks and the other was to do 2 interactive quizzes using quizdom. We all had a good time having a delicious feast. We had all sorts of food or feast.
We hope you enjoyed it, parents and children.
The final activity was making a ancient Egyptian doll or sphinx the 3l enjoyed them some the the 3l children took them home and show there mum and dads.

The whole of Year 3 watched a shadow show which the teachers
performed. It was 'How to make a mummy'. It made the children laugh.
and Mr Parkin threw a fake brain at the children who screamed.

By Vandan, Goggy, Ja and Adhvay

Amazing Ancient Egyptian Jobs

The finished pictures

Where did we begin?
Davina, Camille, Vandan, Adhvay, Goggy ans Sam from the Lightning Bolts Guided Reading group will tell you....
Kids from our class were finding out information about Ancient Egyptian jobs.We had fun finding out the Ancient Egyptian jobs because we had to find out who knew what each job was by asking everyone in the class. This meant we moved around the room. Vandan was a stone carver and Sam was a scribe.
What did we do with this knowledge?
We got into groups and chose an Egpytian job. Then we wrote down what the person might look like and drew a picture of it.
So how did we make the painting of the Ancient Egyptian?
First we taped two big pieces of paper together.
We drew around the smallest person in our group.
After that we drew the details on the face.
Next we went to the art room to mix a brown colour and to paint the skin.
We let it dry and in the meantimewe mixed a cream color for the cloth.
We painted the cloths in cream colour, the hair black and the sandals yellowish.
After that we let it dry, we painted the details such as eyes,lips,ears and nose.
At last we traced the body outline with the black pen and cut it out.
The finshed Egyptian painting we hang on our class room wall.
By Davina
When we had finished the painting what did we do?
We pretended we were applying for an Ancient Egyptian job.
Kids in the class changed their names to funky names and applied for a an ancient egpytian jobs. They wrote about themselves and described what they were like.

Have a look at us in action below.


Your Maths homework today (Monday) is to go on this website click here or the game below. You are on a quest to help Billy Bug find his grub, I hope you enjoy it.